Server uaRo Ragnarok Online
Episode 10.3 Noghalt ~ The Abyss Lake, The Tower of Thanatos (2006)
Drop/Exp/jEXP Rates 1x / 1x / 1x
Rebirth to Transcendent +
Server side / Client Side 2006

Dive into the world of uaRO, an exclusive Ragnarok Online server, where the spirit of 2006 is reborn. In those times, when every adventure was unique, and each battle required skill and strategy, Ragnarok Online captured the hearts of players around the globe. Today, we offer you the chance to return to these unforgettable sensations, restoring the classic mechanics and atmosphere that made the game legendary.

In recent years, Ragnarok Online has undergone numerous changes, striving to adapt to new trends and player preferences. These changes have distanced the game from its origins, leaving many fans feeling deprived. Due to the simplification of level and skill systems, changes in the economy, and the introduction of new elements that simplify the gameplay, the old school Ragnarok has lost its appeal for many.

uaRO rises to the challenge, offering you:

  • A classic leveling system: Where each achieved level and mastered skill require time and effort.
  • The original game economy: We're bringing back the economic model where trade and item rarity play a key role.
  • Loyalty to classic maps and monsters: All locations and enemies have been returned to their original state, inviting players to re-explore familiar places.
  • Rejection of simplifications: We have removed elements that made modern versions of the game less attractive to veterans, including automatic following of targets and easy access to rare items.

Join uaRO and dive back into a world where every adventure and each battle deserve to be experienced. Together, we recreate the sense of community and exploration that once made Ragnarok Online a cult game. Ignite the spark of nostalgia and, along with old and new friends, write a new chapter in the history of Ragnarok Online, playing it as it was originally intended.

At uaRO server we are operating on the update 10.3. Playing in this update provides a unique and nostalgic sensation, allowing players to immerse themselves in the classic world of Ragnarok Online when it was at the peak of its popularity. Learn more...

Commands, allowed to all players
@main Global Chat
@rates Displays the server rates
@exp Displays current levels and % progress.
@mobinfo Show Monster info (rates, stats, drops, MVP stuff)
@iteminfo Show Item info (type, price, etc)
@die Suicide your character.
@petrename Enables you to rename your pet.
@storage Brings up your personal storage wherever you are.
@duel, @invite, @accept, @reject, @leave Duel organizing commands
@away Away messsage
@showexp Displays/Hides Experience gained
@showzeny Displays/Hides Zeny gained
@autoloot Enables/disables autolooting from killed mobs.
@autotrade Allows you continue vending offline.
@changegm Change Guild Master of your Guild
@changeleader Change the leader of your party.
@pettalk Command what the player's pet will say.
@mobsearch Locates and displays the position of a certain mob on the current map.