Server uaRo Ragnarok Online
Episode 10.3 Noghalt ~ The Abyss Lake, The Tower of Thanatos (2006)
Drop/Exp/jEXP Rates 1x / 1x / 1x
Rebirth to Transcendent +
Server side / Client Side 2006

Welcome to uaRO - your gateway to the golden age of Ragnarok Online!

uaRO is a reflection of the golden era of Ragnarok Online. Back in 2006, during the game's peak popularity, we all experienced unforgettable moments together. And today, we have recreated these moments anew, just for you.

This project aims to bring us back to the time when every moment in the game was unique and valuable. We have restored the original game experience, including the classic gameplay, recognizable locations, and that unique atmosphere that we all remember and love.

On uaRO, you are not just playing Ragnarok Online - you are returning home. Here, you will find old friends, make new acquaintances, explore your favorite dungeons and face familiar foes. Reclaim the magical moments and emotions that the game brought you in its golden era.

Join us and begin your journey today. Relive the golden age of Ragnarok Online with uaRO!

At uaRO server we are operating on the update 10.3. Playing in this update provides a unique and nostalgic sensation, allowing players to immerse themselves in the classic world of Ragnarok Online when it was at the peak of its popularity. Learn more...