About server

Hello, dear friends and like-minded people! We are delighted to introduce you to uaRO - a server that is the fruit of love and nostalgia for "Ragnarok Online", a game that has left an indelible mark in our hearts. Born from warm memories and the desire to relive those extraordinary moments, uaRO aims to reunite us in a world many of us thought was lost.

This server is our collective journey back to the golden era of "Ragnarok", when every login was filled with the anticipation of wonder. Recalling the times spent under the nickname .mn. in the guild Republic, we want to share this joy with you. uaRO is not just about returning us to the classic mechanics of the game; it revives the atmosphere of communication, exploration, and friendship that made our adventure truly alive.

We invite you to this amazing world not for profit, but for memories and feelings. Here, at uaRO, we strive to recreate that very gaming environment where everyone can find something personal and dear. This is a place where old friends meet again, and new stories await their turn.

Join us to remember why Ragnarok Online held such a special place in our hearts. uaRO is not just a server, it is our home, to which you can always return, no matter how much time has passed. Together, we can relive those wonderful moments that made us fall in love with this game.

Basic information about uaRO server:

The uaRO server is an exact recreation of Ragnarok Online as of 2006, before episode 10.3. Our goal is to give players the opportunity to dive into the nostalgic atmosphere of those times when the game was at the peak of its popularity.

Technical characteristics:

  • The server is hosted in one of the largest data centers, ensuring high quality and stable connection.

Basic rates

  • x1 / x1 / x1
  • Detailed rates
  • Normal maps: x1 (0.01%)
  • MvP drop: x1
  • MvP/Mini-boss cards: x1 (0.01%)
  • Item based drop: x1
  • Quest experience rate: x1

Server information

  • Episode 10.3: Noghaltz, The Dwarven Kingdom (2006)
  • Server mode: Classic 2006 Pre-renewal
  • Emulator: eAthena
  • Max base level / job level: 99/70
  • Max stats: 99
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Instant cast: 150 DEX
  • Party experience share range: 10 levels
  • Minimum skill delay: 200 ms
  • Minimum item use delay: 100 ms
  • International server
  • Server language: English

Server features

  • No custom items
  • No Healer, No Warper, No Job Changer

We invite everyone to join our uaRO server to reminisce about unforgettable game moments and create new unforgettable impressions in the world of "Ragnarok Online". Join our community and immerse yourself in an era when every day in the game was full of adventures and discoveries!

Features of the uaRO Server:

On the uaRO server, we aimed to preserve the unique atmosphere and mechanics of "Ragnarok Online" from 2006, before the introduction of episode 10.3. This means that players can enjoy the game in its original form, with all the features and details of that time.

On this server, each game class retains its original strengths and abilities, which is a significant advantage compared to the subsequent changes made to the game. Here is how this is reflected for key classes:

Knight/Lord Knight

  • On this server, Knights retain their ability to effectively use skills like Brandish Spear and Bowling Bash to deal damage to multiple targets, making them some of the best classes for farming and mob control.

Wizard/High Wizard

  • Wizards have powerful AoE (Area of Effect) skills, such as Meteor Storm and Storm Gust, making them key players in War of Emperium (WoE) and mass PvP.

Priest/High Priest

  • Priests on our server remain indispensable due to their unique healing and support abilities, such as Assumptio and Magnificat, critically important in WoE and group PvE situations.

Assassin Cross

  • Assassin Cross can effectively use their skills to deal massive damage to single targets, especially using Sonic Blow and Enchant Deadly Poison, making them dangerous opponents in PvP and PvE.


  • Snipers retain the ability to deal significant damage in both PvP and PvE, thanks to their ranged attacks, especially with skills like Sharp Shooting and Falcon Assault.

This version of the server provides a unique advantage by maintaining the original power and abilities of the classes, making the gameplay more diverse and strategically deep. Changes that occurred in the future, weakening some classes and their skills, do not apply here, allowing players to enjoy the game in its original and, in the opinion of many, most engaging form.

Locations and Monsters:

The locations of mobs (monsters) and the placement of unique items remain the same as in the original version of the game at that time. This means that old maps become relevant again for exploration, and unique items become valuable to obtain. In newer versions of the game, many of these locations and items lost their significance due to the introduction of more powerful equipment, but on uaRO, they regain their former importance.

Unique Gear:

Returning to the old mechanics also means that many items, which were phased out due to more powerful alternatives in later updates, become desirable again. Players can once again experience the joy of searching for and using rare and powerful equipment, making the gameplay more exciting and interesting.

At uaRO server, we've gone back to the roots of "Ragnarok Online" so that players can enjoy the game as it was originally intended, preserving all the features that made it unique and unforgettable. Join our community and relive those unforgettable moments again!