About server

One of the main advantages of playing on the 10.3 update is that it preserves the classic mechanics and structure of the game, offering players a more traditional and nostalgic experience. This means that there are no unnecessary mechanics or character classes that were added in later updates. It allows players to enjoy the game as it was intended, with simpler and more intuitively understandable controls and balance.

Another advantage is that version 10.3 still retains all the complexity and depth that make Ragnarok Online so captivating. Whether it's the rebirth system, guild battles in War of Emperium, dungeon exploration, or quest completion, players will find plenty of opportunities for exploration and development.

Overall, uaRO with the 10.3 update offers the perfect blend of classic and nostalgic gameplay experience in Ragnarok Online, which was popular in those years, while preserving many features and mechanics that make the game interesting and engaging to this day.

The uaRO server not only uses the 10.3 update but also the original software that was used in those years, including the game client of that time. This has made a significant contribution to preserving and conveying the authentic gaming experience of Ragnarok Online as it was in its "golden age".

One of the key factors that makes our server special is the use of the exact version of the software that was available at that time. This means that the design, interface, sounds, graphics, and even the nuances of the gameplay accurately reproduce the feelings of that time. Everything from the subtleties of the visual style to the familiar melodies remains true to the original, providing players with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past and remember those wonderful moments.

Many other servers attempting to recreate the classic gaming experience of Ragnarok Online often fail to capture the same atmosphere and emotions. They may use later versions of the client or software, which introduce changes to the game mechanics, interface, and overall gaming experience. However, at uaRO, we believe that the key to delivering an authentic gaming experience lies in authenticity, which is why we use the original software from that time.

So if you're looking for a true classic gaming experience in Ragnarok Online, uaRO server is the place where you can find it. Here, you can relive the memories of the golden era of the game, overcoming challenges and adventures in a world that remains true to its roots.


Episode 10.3: Noghaltz, The Dwarf Kingdom (2006) <- we are here

Adds a new location - the Dwarf Kingdom of Noghaltz, and a new dungeon - The Lutie Forge.

Episode 10.2: Lighthalzen, City in the science (2005)

Introduces the city of Lighthalzen, famous as the "city of science and research", and a new dungeon - Bio Lab's Dungeon.

Episode 10.1: Einbroch, City of Steel (2005)

This episode adds a new map and city - Einbroch. This includes new dungeons like the Einbroch Mine Dungeon.

Episode 10.0: Revolution (2005)

Adds new cities, including Einbroch, Lighthalzen, and Hugel.

Episode 9: Rebirth - The Lost Memories (2004)

Introduces the rebirth system, allowing characters to reset their level and become even stronger.

Episode 8: Niflheim - Land of the Dead (2004)

The appearance of the city of the dead, Niflheim, and a multitude of new monsters and quests.

Episode 7: Umbala - The New Continent (2004)

Opens up the new continent of Umbala with various new monsters and quests.

Episode 6: The Global Project (2003)

Adds a bunch of new locations, including Ant Hell and The Chapel.

Episode 5: Juno - Forgotten Legacy of an Ancient Era (2003)

The appearance of the city of Juno, the flying city. Here, 2nd classes of characters were added for the first time.

Episode 4: War of Emperium (2003)

Introduces the castle system and guild wars, known as War of Emperium.

Episode 3: Comodo (2003)

Added the tropical island of Comodo with beaches, caves, and a casino.

Episode 2: Lutie (2002)

In this episode, the city of Lutie was added, filled with Christmas themes. Here is Santa Claus's workshop and the "Toy Factory" are located.

Episode 1: The Beginning (2002)

This is the beginning of Ragnarok Online, which brought into the world